Become involved in the AIRC”s work. You can literally roll up your sleeves and dive into history making the Institute’s initiatives a reality, supporting our independent programs (with transcript from partner California State University, Fresno).

Contributions go directly to fund scholarships for students and student interns (who acquire real-life skills in Rome), as well as research on post-excavation materials and outreach initiatives.

The AIRC has been a 501(c)3 organization since 2002, and all donations are tax-deductible.

You may make a donation by check (to “American Institute for Roman Culture,” and specifying that the amount is a donation) or by contributing online via PAYPAL or NETWORK FOR GOOD, both secure sites.

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Goals for 2015:

Support an internship
We have many programs and projects each summer in Rome. Help provide an opportunity to a college student or recent graduate to obtain valuable work experience in the field, in communications, journalism, and digital and video media.

Support a student participant in an AIRC summer program
Give a student the opportunity to study in Rome for a life-changing experience and to acquire hands-on experiences with tangible results.

Support post-excavation research (Ostia Antica)
Research work continues after each excavation season. Support scholars and professionals as they continue the analysis of finds in the off-season.

Support our outreach
Help produce more free, online production of our Digging History video series, ready-built to be flipped into a lesson plan, or through other heritage promotion and conservation initiatives, with particular focus on less-trafficked heritage sites.
$5000 (30 minutes of content in 6 5-minute episodes)
$5000 heritage study/ promotion at Ostia Antica (online and on-site survey of tourist activities)