The American Institute for Roman Culture collaborates with an array of international organizations to further its mission. These partnerships are made possible by AIRC’s constant presence in Rome through its academic programs and cultural heritage activities (conservation, archaeology, social media, video production).

AIRC regularly collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo–MiBACT) in the forms of promotion and educational outreach, International Association for Classical Archaeology (, the US State Department, Superintendency of Rome and Ostia Antica, as well as the Imperial Fora Museums, part of the Musei in Comune network.


Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Tursimo (MiBACT)
In the recent past, AIRC has collaborated with MiBACT, in particular through the General Directorate of Management and Promotion of Cultural Heritage; AIRC’s bilingual staff provided its translation expertise for the launch of MiBACT’s English-language website and the management of its social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook) in English. Currently, in partnership with MiBACT Education, AIRC is producing original video content for a number of educational initiatives, starting with promotional videos about the Museo Nazionale dell’Alto Medioevo (National Museum of the Early Middle Ages) in English, Italian, and Italian Sign Language.

U.S. State Department
The U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Rome regularly supports and collaborates with the Institute, whether through financial support, outreach, and participation in the annual Unlisted conference, to further the AIRC mission to preserve and promote Italian heritage.


School of Visual Arts
For four consecutive years AIRC has participated in SVA’s Summer Masters Workshop in Design History, Theory, and Practice in Italy. As of spring 2014 AIRC also hosts SVA’s new semester-long program in Rome.

University of Texas at Austin
In 2014 AIRC signed an Agreement of Affiliation with the University of Texas at Austin and will collaborate for the third time with the UT Plan II Honors Program  in its Rome Study Abroad experience directed and led by Prof. Karl Galinsky. As the Rome-based organization, AIRC facilitates and oversees the program, and the AIRC faculty contribute to the students’ exploration of Rome’s particular mix of ethnicities, cultures, and religions, focusing on Etruscan influence, Greek culture, and other international foreigners and foreign religious practices. Site visits and participation in AIRC projects reveal the palimpsest that Rome has become in contemporary culture and how best to preserve its multi-cultural heritage.
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University of Athens
In fall 2013 AIRC began a collaboration with the University of Athens in Greece, providing academic instruction and logistical support in Rome for students of the university’s Masters program in Classical Philology, accompanied by Prof. Sophia Papaioannou.
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St. John International University
In summer 2013 AIRC began a collaboration with SJIU’s Department of Architecture and Planning, in which SJIU’s Master’s students participate in AIRC’s archaeological excavations and conservation activity at Ostia Antica.
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International Association of Classical Archaeology
In partnership with the Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica (AIAC) AIRC is producing short video documentaries of active archaeological projects throughout Italy for AIAC’s electronic publication Fasti Online, a database and bibliography of all archaeological excavations since 2000 in Italy (and select other countries).

Vesuvian Institute
In 2014 the American Institute for Roman Culture began a collaboration with the Vesuvian Institute (Restoring Ancient Stabiae, Castellammare di Stabia) involving educational programs, conservation projects, and outreach via video and social media to further their missions of promoting and defending the culture of Rome and the Vesuvian area, respectively.
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AIRC and CyArk have begun a collaboration both to share knowledge for the promotion of cultural heritage sites and also to raise funds, with specific target sites in Italy. AIRC has also agreed to work on social media with CyArk and collaborate in initiatives to promote CyArk’s work through video production.
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AIRC has entered into a multi-year agreement with IBAM-CNR on several fronts to advance scientific research in archaeological heritage and also enhance and promote related heritage work through digital communications channels, including social media platforms and video production. Joint projects will provide learning opportunities for Italian and American students and include participation in the AIRC’s work in Ostia Antica as well as CNR’s IT  “Smart Cities” project.
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Ostia Antica
AIRC has a long history of collaboration with the Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome at Ostia Antica, participating in numerous projects (e.g., video documentary production with Northeastern University, architectural study of the synagogue with the University of Texas at Austin, excavations at Porta Marina with the University of Bologna in 2010, conservation pilot project with Ales, S.p.A. in Via della Foce in 2011, archaeological investigation of port structures starting in 2012, Jewish heritage tours for the Superintendency).
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Roma Sotterranea
For five years AIRC has worked with Roma Sotterranea, a non-profit association dedicated to exploring the hidden (underground) half of Rome by combining the experience and know-how of archaeologists, architects, engineers, geologists, and speleologists. AIRC and Roma Sotterranea have collaborated in the production of television documentaries and the organization of specialized speleo-archaeological learning experiences for North American students in Rome.

World Monuments Fund
AIRC has participated in the WMF’s funding of the important conservation of frescoes of the Santa Maria Antiqua church in the Forum Romanum for several years.


Shoot 4 Change
AIRC has begun a stimulating conversation and collaboration with Shoot 4 Change. This organization’s mission complements our own C4C conference and outreach. Both organizations promote dialog and foster conversation about social and heritage issues through compelling storytelling via photography and video.

We are also currently working and dialoguing with friends at Sustainable Preservation Initiative, ICCROM, Getty Conservation Institute, Restoring Ancient Stabiae, and others, finding new solutions for problems in heritage preservation, with focus on educational video production and continued conversation in the annual Unlisted Conference (C4C).