To promote and defend Rome’s cultural heritage through educational programs, projects, and public outreach in conservation, video, and social media.

Rome represents an unparalleled example of both physical and cultural sustainability, combining timeless art and architecture and one of the richest archaeological patrimonies in the world.

Through its unique outlook and partnerships and sponsorship, the American Institute for Roman Culture is an educational organization that offers

study abroad programs
excavation field school
visual communications (video, photography, social media)
preservation initiatives

to teach and inspire students all over the world about Rome’s ongoing legacy.


ARIC seeks to make history and cultural heritage in all of their manifestations engaging and relevant to the public at large through accessible lessons, content, outreach, and projects. In doing so, we endeavor to defeat the adage, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. “ By presenting history in digital media and communicating its relevance, AIRC will lead people to actively participate in the preservation of the past.

Goals & strategies

We aim to:
– achieve sustainable enrollment levels for academic programming;
– become a central online hub for outreach in cultural heritage preservation through conversation and a free, innovative digital history textbook;
– achieve sustainable funding for cultural heritage preservation projects and initiatives.