The American Institute for Roman Culture is committed to creating a comfortable living environment for each student by providing safe and well-maintained student housing located within a short distance from the Institute. Positioned in or near the center of Rome and convenient to public transportation, students live and study in shared apartments, each of which is unique in size, age, floor plan, and number of bedrooms, or they may live in modern, dormitory-style housing (with WIFI) with shared bathrooms and kitchens.

All students are housed with other AIRC programming students. A typical apartment will house 3-6 students, and will contain a combination of single (1 student per room) and double (2 students per room) bedrooms. Some triple (3 students per room) bedrooms may be available. Up to four students may share one common bathroom and all students have access to the kitchen and common areas.

As these apartments are located within central Italian neighborhoods, students are exposed to everyday life in Italy: enjoying an espresso on the way to morning classes, shopping at local markets, and establishing relationships with other Italians in the building or in the neighborhood.