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Rome and its expansive empire have shaped so much of history and continue to be evident in our architecture, art, language, and law. Join in the conversation on Rome’s past and legacy through our social media channels.

About The American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC)

Roman culture lies at the heart of much of contemporary culture around the world, and represents an unparalleled example of both physical and cultural sustainability, combining timeless art and architecture with one of the richest archaeological patrimonies in the world.

The American Institute for Roman Culture (AIRC) works tirelessly to preserve and protect Rome’s extraordinary and unique cultural legacy through education, outreach, and action.

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Learn With Us

We offer a range of world-class educational resources and experiences, to enable individuals and organizations to discover the history of Ancient Rome.

Learning with The American Insitute for Roman Culture is facilitated through free-to-access digital platforms such as our Ancient Rome Live project, and via in-person courses and field schools.

Preserving the Past

Heritage preservation and conservation work are not synonymous with the student of Latin, ancient history, archaeology, or the tourist, but they are of huge importance.
We are committed to engaging a wide audience through study, research, and teaching. We also provide insights and conversation through discussions on heritage preservation issues and with heritage preservation experts in archaeological sites, museums, and laboratories.

Get Involved

We are always looking to collaborate with organizations and individuals to forward our mission to promote Ancient Rome’s cultural legacy.

There are a number of ways you can support us:

  • Sponsoring the creation of educational content
  • Joining our team as a volunteer
  • Becoming a partner to help expand our reach
  • Collaborating with us as an intern

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