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We work with a range of organizations and businesses to provide mutual support, examples include Museo Nazionale Romano, SmartHistory, Religion for Breakfast and Museum Week.

We’re always looking for new partners to collaborate with, and share experience and resources.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch:


We have offered internships for over 10 years, in conjunction with our real-world programs and year-round university-level programming. Based upon an individual’s academic training and interests, as well as the availability of projects, our interns work with our team, gaining first-hand practical experience, marketable skills, and broad exposure to all areas of non-profit work.

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We are always looking for ambitious and talented individuals to join our team as volunteers with skills in grant writing, digital marketing, video production and social media.

Given the range and scope of our projects and mission, there is bound to a place for you within The American Institute for Roman Culture.

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Become a contributor and gift your knowledge and experiences with our network and audiences across the globe.

By contributing content to AIRC and our Ancient Rome Live project your passion and expertise will be shared with thousands of passionate historians across an expansive network.

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