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Discover our work in the preservation and conservation of Rome's cultural heritage:


Facilitating online conversations for cultural heritiage


Campaigning to save cultural heritage at risk


Bringing people together digitally with a shared passion for cultural preservation


What you can do to help

Creating online conversation for cultural heritage

Visual storytelling is a large component of getting the message out, particularly in photographic and video formats.

Inspiring teachers, students, the public at large through live streaming on sites, closed live streaming for individual schools (upon request), invited lectures, featured lectures and educational videos.

We began our efforts online, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as via an  annual in-person conference 2011-2014; “Conversation for Conservation.” Rome remains a central learning opportunity for heritage preservation, also the headquarters for ICCROM.

We have filmed and discussed heritage projects over the past years with ICCROM, ICOMOS, City of Rome, Superintendency of Rome, World Monuments Fund, Vatican patrons and more.
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Campaigning to save cultural heritage at risk

We have created online petition discussions (e.g., Save Hadrian’s Villa and Save the Gladiator Tomb) and host our own annual conference on unbranded archaeological heritage, now called C4C(Conversation for Conservation), in Rome.

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Building online communities

Not enough is being done online to make cultural heritage a central pillar of our daily lives. We are working to correct that. We are working to foster discussion and build communities online to advance the great wealth of information on heritage efforts (e.g., ICCROM, Getty Conservation Institute, ICOMOS, etc.) so that it becomes more accessible and relatable to our daily lives.

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What you can do to help

Cultural heritage is everything left behind by past societies in forms tangible and intangible. Cultural Heritage is increasingly seen as being widely relevant in more and more aspects of our lives, society and economy. We at the American Institute for Roman Culture believe in UNESCO’s mission to protect world heritage, with a focus on Roman and Italian heritage, but we can’t save Rome’s invaluable cultural patrimony by ourselves.
In 2020-2021 we are aiming to conduct a small, local heritage preservation project in Rome.
Production of video and text entry series on heritage preservation issues;
  • What is cultural heritage?
  • What are the international heritage preservation laws in place?
  • What threatens heritage sites and artifacts today?
  • What is conservation work?
  • What is under threat in Rome and Empire? (Petra, Palmyra, etc.)
  • What are ongoing projects in Rome? (Mausoleum of Augustus, Colosseum, etc.)
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