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About The American Institute for Roman Culture

Roman culture lies at the heart of much of contemporary culture around the world, and represents an unparalleled example of both physical and cultural sustainability, combining timeless art and architecture with one of the richest archaeological patrimonies in the world.

The American Institute for Roman Culture works tirelessly to preserve and protect Rome’s extraordinary and unique cultural legacy through education, outreach, and action.

We carry out our mission through international collaborations as well as the production of original content from Rome: photos, videos, webinars, and conversation on location.

Our mission is to promote and defend Rome’s cultural heritage through educational programs, projects, and public outreach in conservation, video, and social media.

Meet The Team


Darius A. Arya, Ph.D.

As CEO, Darius oversees all activities liaising with the team below to ensure our goals are met. Darius works tirelessly to promote Roman culture and history via digital mediums including social media (Twitter, Instagram) and live-streaming (Periscope, Facebook Live).
Archaeologist & Heritage Specialist

Paolo Gardelli

Paolo Gardelli is an archaeologist and heritage specialist working primarily in the Bay of Naples area, ancient Stabiae, Pompeii and other sites. He's coordinated several conservation projects on these sties as well and provides decades of experience to the Institute in projects and programs.
Social Media

Amy de Harde

Content Director

Warren George

Warren works with the team to implement our digital activities across all projects. Working in digital marketing for most of his career, he is an expert in web design, social media, email, SEO and ecommerce. Coupling this experience with his passion for the city of Rome and Roman history, Warren understands the challenges faced by AIRC and the digital solutions needed to overcome these.
Co-director Parco dei Ravennati Excavations

Dr. Michele Raddi

Michele Raddi is an outgoing archaeologist whose expansive career has brought him to excavate through Italy, the Middle East, and now throughout southeast Asia. He is associate professor of the University of Udayana di Bali, Archaeology department, Bali Denpasar, Indonesia, He is the co-director of the Parco dei Ravennati excavations.
Conservator Consultant

Kristian Schneider

Kristian Schneider is a onservator and directs the conservation firm His projects have taken him around the globe. He has worked with the Institute during the Parco dei Ravennati excavations, overseeing all on site conservation work, and he is consulting with the Institute on educational content for Ancient Rome Live.
Photography & Social Media

Jamie Heath

Jamie completed his Classical Civilisation Undergraduate degree at the University of Roehampton from 2011-14 and the City of Rome Postgraduate degree at the University of Reading 2016-17. He has supported our social media efforts for a number years, helping us meet our digital goals.



Jackson Schranck


Danielle Adams

Danielle is an Anthropology major/ classical archaeology minor. She has loved Rome since elementary school and studied a semester abroad there. Her favorite aspect to study about Rome is art.

Ekaterina Mochalova

Ekaterina is a Master of Branding and Communications, graduate of City University of New York and IFSE Italian Culinary School, Classics enthusiast and a long-time Roman History passionate fan.

Michael Bartlett

Michael studied history at Binghamton University and his favorite classes covered ancient Roman politics, art, and daily life. After studying abroad in the eternal city, he joined the AIRC as an intern helping with historical research.


Editorial Consultant

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson currently writes for the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic Travel, where he served most recently as director of editorial projects for Traveler magazine. He's been a visiting lecturer at the College of Charleston and an assistant professor at Loyola University New Orleans School of Mass Communication. Author of the award-winning 1990s computer game Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, Andrew is a graduate of Syracuse University and received a Masters in Journalism from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

We're always looking for new people to join our team!